Newgrange spiral

Spiral Rock Carving at Newgrange (Ireland)

Couples’ Counseling

It has been said that couples’ counseling offers a couple and their therapist some of the most challenging moments in personal work, and some of the most healing moments as well.  In my experience, this is absolutely true.

Every couple who undertakes a joint therapy is challenged to work at the deepest levels of their feelings, because our deepest feelings and needs are the ones that are activated in the deepest relationships of our lives – our coupled relationships.  In addition, couples’ work is especially complex because there are three beings present in every couples’ therapy – the two beings in the couple, and the being of their relationship. 

Couples’ work is never easy, but it can be some of the most rewarding work that many people will ever undertake.  This is why I receive with special respect and admiration every couple who comes to me seeking therapy and healing for themselves and their relationship.