Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh

"Starry Night" by Vincent Van Gogh

Therapy and Analysis

Carl Jung once described psychotherapy in general and Jungian analysis in particular, as a process in which we are challenged to get our outsides to match our insides.  Jung was convinced that we can only become familiar with our insides, which he called our “internal landscape,” by working with our dreams, our mind and body symptoms, and our daily life events, as well as the stories and images that capture our attention.
I believe that when we choose to begin an individual psychotherapy or Jungian analysis, we are choosing to embark on a journey through our internal landscape.  Once we have become familiar with that internal world, and once we have gotten to know the members of the community that inhabits it, the work of psychotherapy and analysis can enable us to bring forth what we have found, allowing that treasure to enrich and complete our daily lives.

In addition to the usual practice of “talk therapy,” I invite my clients to employ artwork, role-playing, guided visualization, therapeutic meditation, and of course, dreamwork, as means of facilitating their creative healing process.