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Auroch petroglyph from prehistoric Lascaux (France)

Auroch petroglyph from prehistoric Lascaux (France)

I received my Masters degree in Clinical Social Work from Simmons College School of Social Work in Boston, Massachusetts in 1986.  I also received a graduate diploma  from the C.G. Jung Institute in Zurich, Switzerland in 1993, and I am certified as a Jungian Analyst.  I hold a Bachelor of Arts in philosophy and theology from Boston College, where I graduated in 1979.   I am a licensed clinical social worker in the state of Oregon.   I have more than 25 years of clinical practice.


I am currently in full time private practice.  My practice includes psychotherapy and analysis with individuals, couples, and families, and group therapy for adults and late adolescents. I have particular interest, experience, and specialized training in working with symbolic content, such as dreams, pictures, guided imagery, therapeutic enactments, and role-playing. 

Clinical Focus

In my work with clients, I primarily use psychodynamic, object relations, and depth psychology approaches and techniques, including a  focus on transference and counter transference as  constructive tools in the therapy.  These interpersonal dynamics are very useful in identifying blocks or resistances to development, as well as in working with such blocks to further appropriate growth for the client.  I am also very interested in working with symbolic content in relations to complex trauma and dissociative states, and the therapeutic challenges of addictions and compulsions.  Finally, I am actively involved in teaching courses and leading seminars on these topics.

Clinical Experience

As a practicing therapist in clinic settings, I have worked in inpatient psychiatric units, a psychiatric day-treatment center, a university counseling center, a variety of state correctional institutions (with both male and female inmates), a community mental health center, and hospital emergency departments.  Within these contexts, I have performed assessments and evaluations for psychiatric and addiction and compulsion problems, conducted short- and long-term psychotherapy, developed cognitive and behavioral change plans, implemented a variety of group therapies, directed crisis evaluation and crisis intervention, and conducted individual and group supervision, and performed as a manager of clinical practitioners.

Clinical Training

My clinical training has been eclectic, both theoretically and experientially, which reflects my natural curiosity, non-dogmatic thinking, multi-disciplinary approach, empathic sensibilities, reflective nature, and the variety of my personal and professional interests.  I have worked with many kinds of people who have presented a wide range and varying degree of psychiatric and psychological issues and problems. 

Clinical Style

I am quite engaging in my interactions with my clients, and I try very hard to attune myself to their conscious and unconscious communications.  I deeply value the relationship  between client and therapist in psychotherapy, and I am very attentive to the ways in which my clients relate to me, how I relate to my clients, and how my clients employ my presence as a tool in their therapeutic process.


The best summary of my clinical approach is that I do what works best to help my clients improve their overall level of functioning. I know how to intervene with clients in a multitude of ways because I am comfortable with complexity, both conceptually and practically. I am able to grapple in a deep level with my own awareness and understanding of a particular client, and in a multidimensional manner, creatively intervene with that client.  At the same time, I am very willing and able to be simple, direct, practical, and immediate in my interventions. 


Running horse petroglyph from prehistoric Lascaux (France)

Running horse petroglyph from prehistoric Lascaux (France)


I currently provide clinical supervision for interns from  various clinical disciplines and experienced practitioners, as well as collaborating and consulting with clinical colleagues regarding the knowledge, skills, ethics, and professional role of clinical supervision.  

Supervision Training

I have personally experienced a variety of types of clinical supervision, often specific to the clinical setting that I was working in.

Supervision Approach

Since my early clinical and supervisory experiences some 20 years ago, I have regularly served as a clinical supervisor and I have also participated in various seminars and groups to continually improve my clinical supervision knowledge and skills.  My framework for supervision is on the one hand pragmatic, as I focus on what actually works for the supervisee and their respective clients, and on the other hand psychodynamic, as I focus on helping my supervisees understand and be able to work with the inner world of their clients.

If you have any questions about my experience or practice as a clinician and a supervisor, please feel free to contact me directly.