Chiron, the Wounded Healer

Chiron, the Wounded Healer (Ancient Greece)

Supervision for Practicing Clinicians

Psychotherapy is a profession in which we clinicians are challenged at the deepest level to “be the lesson that we teach,” and to embody the healing we hope to facilitate.

We learn the skills of our clinical profession in a variety of educational settings, and then we hone those skills on the front lines of clinical practice.  But on a deeper level, we know we are being continually, sometimes disturbingly, confronted with our own stories in the story of every client we encounter.

My emphasis on working with symbolic content, and in teaching these skills to my supervisees, is based on my deep conviction that symbolic content work is one of the most effective ways to facilitate healing in the stories that our clients bring us, and in our own stories as well.  

In my opinion, clinical supervision is the best place for us to safely consider ourselves as the wounded healers we must inevitably be.  A good supervision allows us to grow as individuals as well as therapists, thereby enabling us to evolve in every aspect of our psyches and our lives, as well as in our clinical work.